DOĞUKAN KARAPINAR is a designer working at the intersections of creative disciplines, with an emphasis on conceptual thinking and meticulous application.
He is the co-founder of brand design studio SÖMESTR and type foundry ELEMENT MORE
Pron.: /dough·kan/
With a background in graphic and type design, he blends design fundamentals into the digital medium and emerging technologies.
He aims to reintroduce the utmost attention to detail drawn from the craftsmanship of early modernism into contemporary design products, whether they are interfaces, typography, motion, or still imagery.
His discovery of design was initiated by customizing plastic toys and modding video games. This resulted in a creative method rooted in play and experimentation. He continues to develop side projects to tinker with ideas, have fun with new tricks and look around in culture.
Portfolio available upon request.
Features and Exhibitions Include
Brand New Pomus Branding, 2024
Kadir Has University Workshop “Type in Motion”, 2023
Awwwards Gonzalo Miranda, 2020
IXDesign Typography Issue, 2020
Awwwards Yambo Studio, 2019
The Dieline Pergusa, 2019
Skylife Magazine Interview, 2018
Gallery Mag Vol. 39, 2017
Exhibition Art by Sandu Contemporary Istanbul, 2016
Typomania Festival Festival Selecion, 2016
Graphic Design Festival Breda Poster Exhibition, 2015
Mixer İstanbul Rapor Exhibition, 2015
The Proud Archivist London Comic Sans Cancer, 2014
The Dieline Karakalem, 2014
Pera Museum İstanbul Connecting the Dots, 2013
Notable Recognitions and Awards
Graphis Poster Annual Gold and Silver, 2019
GMK 38 Packaging Award, 2019
Turkey Ecolabel Logo First Prize, 2018
GMK 36 Self Promo, Outdoor, Motion, Logo 2017
İstanbul Wooden Toy Design Competition First Prize, 2017
54th International Troia Festival Poster Contest First Prize, 2017
GMK 35 Motion Graphics, 2016
WorldStar Packaging Awards Milano Winner, 2014